EdInnovate Showcase Information

The virtual EdInnovate Showcase is open from 8 AM PT to 8 PM PT on June 8th, 2022. The public is invited to attend free of charge! 



During the day, there are two strands of events:


  • Live speaker sessions with visionaries who have big ideas to change education

  • Innovator Showcase where innovators share videos and materials of their educational innovations, and have the option to present live. All attendees can rate the innovations, and final judging of awards takes place on June 9th. Winners will be notified via email the afternoon of June 9th! See awards below.

Visionary Speaker Schedule

8:15 AM PT | Kristina (Steen) Joyle Lyles, How We Asked One Question and Built the Largest        Database of Teachers of Color in the Country
There is power in students seeing themselves represented in their teachers and in their learning environments. We believe this at DonorsChoose, and we’re on a mission to move the equity needle, one classroom at a time. Join us as we explore our latest initiative: the largest survey ever centering male teachers of color. We’ll peel back the curtain on how (and why!) we built this initiative – and remain on a quest to build many more.

9:00 AM PT  | Ingrid Fetell Lee, The Surprising Power of Joy

We're often taught that our surroundings are incidental to our wellbeing, but an emerging body of research shows that the physical world can be a powerful resource to us in cultivating happier, healthier lives. For example, studies show that workers in more colorful offices are more alert, friendly, and confident than those in drab ones, that windows can speed healing, and that children progress faster in classrooms with better lighting. In this highly visual, evidence-based talk, Lee shows how organizations and individuals can use simple elements like color, light, and decor to create spaces that improve markers of physical health, reduce stress, stimulate creativity, facilitate social interaction, and of course, promote joy.

9:45 AM PT  | Paulette Donnellon, Be Bold! And It's Okay to be a Little Scared
What makes you hopeful? Joyful? Innovative? How do you realize these feelings? Then how do you apply them to your everyday routine? Paulette will share her story, some of her experiences and how hard work, perseverance and being just a little bit (or a lot) scared to get to where she is today.

10:30 AM PT | Ryan Rydzewski, Gregg Behr, What We Can Learn from Mister Rogers' Blueprints
Fred Rogers was more than a nice guy in a sweater — he was also a learning scientist who was decades ahead of his time. In this session, we’ll talk with Gregg Behr and Ryan Rydzewski, authors of When You Wonder, You're Learning: Mister Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Raising Creative, Curious, Caring Kids. Together, we'll explore how Fred engineered Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to develop the “tools for learning” proven to boost students’ academic outcomes and social-emotional well-being. We’ll also discuss how teachers, tech coaches, librarians, and other educators can use Fred’s blueprints to nurture those tools today, igniting hope in learning spaces nationwide. With examples from Remake Learning, we’ll share inspiring, actionable ways to follow in Fred’s footsteps.

11:15 AM PT| Ed Hidalgo, Dr. David Miyashiro, Embracing Change and Establishing the Foundation for a District-Wide K-12 Careers Initiative​
Practitioners will learn how the Cajon Valley Superintendent listened to community leaders about their talent crisis and developed a new vision for a workplace culture focused on the hope and engagement of students leading to happy kids, in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment. One outcome of this movement is the development of a nationally recognized careers-education framework, deployed by teachers, to integrate literacy with career development. The World of Work™ initiative is creating a common language of career for every child across every grade in the district.

12:00 PM PT | Dr. Jonathon Richter, Education is Going on Metaverse Adventures
"What works" in Immersive Learning? So much buzz and hype about the Metaverse these days. Let's go on adventure, searching out new learning and showcasing what's out there!

12:45 PM PT | Kwaku Aning, Web3 and the Future of Learning, Training, and Work
In this session we will discuss how learning will be affected/augmented by Web3 tool like DAO’s and Non-Transferable Tokens. Additionally we will also discuss the impact and benefits of being able to control your educational data.

1:30 PM PT   | Dr. Devin Vodicka, Dr. Katie Martin, Learner-Centered Ecosystems
At Learner-Centered Collaborative we envision a world where learners have agency, skills to collaborate with others, and opportunities to engage in solving problems that matter to them and their world. We will share examples of schools, districts, and states bringing thriving, learner-centered ecosystems to life.

2:15 PM PT   | Claudine James, Evolution in Education - Educating using Social Media
Over my 12 year teaching career, I have been awarded many awards as well as being National Board and ESL certified. But recently my success has been on a different level. As a leading education figure breaking boundaries and spreading dynamic, original, attractive and consumable learning content, I am honored to join and share my views, vision, expertise and experience alongside peers.

3:00 PM PT  | Dr. Joi Spencer, STEM Equity Initiative for Joy and Justice
STEM is one of the most racially stratified areas of study in the US. Racialization shapes both  learners' access to opportunities and the nature of the learning that they receive. In this presentation I invite attendees to explore my team's innovative, equity-centered, race-conscious STEAM initiative. Serving students from middle through graduate school and beyond, we step into, rather than shy away, from the complex challenges of racism and build joy-filled STEM and mathematics learning opportunities that are shifting student identities and opportunities. 

3:45 PM PT | Dr. Emily Schell, Why Our World Needs Global Education
Imagine schools in which educators, students, and community members work together to identify, investigate, and address issues of local importance and global significance so that learning reinforces engaged citizenship and contributions to a better world. Let's discuss the power and potential of global education.

4:30 PM PT | Dr. Perla Myers, Mathematics Power and Joy through Paper Play & Pondering
What is your initial feeling, your reaction, when you hear the word "mathematics"? I think it should evoke joy and a smile. Yet, for too many, it triggers fear and a self-image of incompetence. We need diverse approaches and avenues as entryways to the enrichment, satisfaction and self-efficacy that mathematical curiosity, exploration and productive struggle can provide. Paper play is one such path, eliciting questions that lead to self-inspired mathematical investigations and abstract results, which, in turn, can be applied back to the paper itself, resulting in new artistic inventions, which begin the cycle again.

Innovator Showcase Information (applications now closed)

Innovators should upload all materials by June 1st. The reviewing window opens on June 8th from 8 AM PT - 8 PM PT, all attendees can view, rate and leave comments. Judges will review ratings and comments on the morning of June 9th, and announcements of winning innovators and prizes will be made on the afternoon of June 9th.

Awards will be made in the following categories. Projects can qualify to win up to two awards:

1. Inspires Hope, Creates Joy Award , Ignites Potential Award $250

2. Innovative Educator Award $250

3. Collaborative Innovation Award $250

4. Research-Based Innovation Award $250

5. Advances Social Justice and Equity Award $250

6. Best Overall Educational Innovation 2022 $1,000

Innovator Pitch Guidelines

  • Video length should be no longer than 5 minutes.

  • Education Innovation Criteria:

    • The educational problem and target audience was identified.

    • The solution was new and more effective than existing solutions.

    • The pitch was effective in communicating the problem and innovation.

    • The presenter uses storytelling to describe their educational solution and create empathy.

    • Your uploaded video and showcase profile must be completed by June 01, 2022.